Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Tuesday, August 7, 2018



Renovation is a long and tiring process, but it holds the reward of a newly personal space. Completion of renovation is just the beginning. You need to plan for proper cleaning, purchase and install furniture and fittings before you can relax and enjoy the space you’ve created. Out of the few activities mentioned above, the most important is post renovation cleaning.
Even the smallest renovation requires the use of construction tools. When the renovation work is done, there is bound to be a mess left, since contractors are most likely not obliged to clean up your house. There will be plenty of dust specs and other particles which can find their way to even the least likely spots of your house. In order for all household members to relax, the house needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Below are a few areas which you should concentrate on:

Surface wiping
All surfaces in your house will be exposed to dust and will definitely have their fair bit of dust. Areas include walls, cabinets (interior & exterior), windows, window frames, window grilles, furniture including tv console, sofas and tables. Wiping down the surfaces requires skills. Firstly add a small amount of mild detergent in a small pail of water and prepare 2 pieces of cloth (wet & dry). Start wiping from high areas like ceiling fans, window grilles, follow by cabinets and lastly the floor. Use the dry cloth to dust away the debris, followed by the wet cloth. After this, use your hand to feel if the dust is gone. If not, repeat this method again.

Air Conditioners and Fans
This 2 items collect the most dust after a renovation. Detach the cover and filter and wash them thoroughly. If possible change the filter in order to maintain quality clean air in your house.

Vacuuming & Mopping
After all the surfaces and furniture have been wiped, it’s time to start vacuuming and mopping. All excess dust and dirt can fall to the floor and surrounding surfaces, taking residence in the tiniest cracks and holes. It is useful to note that vacuuming on floor alone is not enough. You should vacuum on soft surfaces like sofa, cushions, chairs etc. They need to be vacuumed each separately and carefully to remove all residue dust, because they are used daily. This is an essential part of the post renovation cleaning. After the vacuuming, try using an upholstery cleaning machine to clean the upholstery as they may have deeply embedded dust which are impossible to remove by vacuuming alone. Lastly mopping is to clear away the finer dust particles which are not fully eliminated by the vacuum. A flat mop will be more efficient in removing such particles. Sometimes you need to mop more than once in order to fully remove the post renovation 'powdery' feel on your floor.

Other Areas
If you would like to have a completely dust free house post renovation. There are still plenty of items/areas which you may want to take note of. Small appliances, photo frames, floor skirting, door knobs, window ledge, electrical switch etc. These areas requires a high level of commitment and patience.

Hassle Free Solution
If you think the above steps are too tedious, you can contact Art of Cleaning at 98860178 or email at know what it’s like after a major renovation and are experienced in making sure no debris is left to bother you after our cleanup process.

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