Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Monday, April 15, 2019



Bleach cleans
Bleach only disinfect surfaces and whiten stains, it DOESN'T clean dirt/grime from surfaces. There is a misconception that germ free = cleans. Use bleach when your need to whiten your shirt or rinse away bacteria from your germ infected toilet, however, if you’re trying to remove the grit and grime from your toilet bowl, sink or bathtub, you’ll need an actual cleaning product with texture. One good cleaning product with texture is baking soda.

Newspaper is the best material to clean glass surfaces
In the past, newspaper were made from papers & inks. This combination will indeed leave glass surfaces streak-free. However modern newspapers are not made from 100% paper and ink anymore, therefore it is more efficient to use glass/window cleaner with a microfiber cloth & squeegee.

Dusting with feather duster
Feather duster only spread the dust to another location and do not absorb/remove dust. Damp cloth or vacuum cleaner works much better than a feather duster to remove dust.

Smells good = clean
Air freshener is a misleading item in cleaning industry. Human tends to associate fresh/good smell to clean environment. Air fresheners only make your environment smells better for a period of time. It does not remove dirt & germs as compared to actual cleaning. If you want your environment to be clean, you will have to do the dirty work by cleaning it.

There is nothing the vinegar cannot clean
Yes we understand there is a cult swearing the usefulness of vinegar in household cleaning. Vinegar's natural and organic way of cleaning is fabulous and inexpensive. However care need to be taken when using vinegar. Vinegar should not be used for cleaning flooring with wax, stone finishing, marble & hardwood. It may cause the above surfaces to lose their shine.

Cold water wash is good for your laundry
Yes, cold wash reduces utilities bill and works better in stain removal washing. However it is advisable to wash jeans, man-made fibers, knits and white clothing in warm water to preserve and prevent damages.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019



Professional Cleaning Company in Singapore
"Professional" means people who are good and reliable in the work they do. Labour cost in Singapore skyrocketed with minimum wages and expensive levies for hiring foreign workers. Therefore it will definitely not be cheap and easy to hire a reliable professional cleaning company. Post Tenancy/Renovation cleaning is one of the heaviest task a residential cleaning company can get.

There is a reason why landlords/housing agents only accept post tenancy cleaning from a professional company during handover. Firstly, non professionals may not have the correct tools & equipment (e.g. high ladder for high area cleaning, steam mop for kitchen floor degreasing, commercial degreaser chemical for kitchen hood degreasing, etc). Secondly non professionals may use the wrong chemical and damage items in the house (e.g. using acidic based detergent on porous surfaces like marble/granite etc). Lastly non professionals will not be able to take the hardship if the house area is not exactly small. Imagine after cleaning the entire house windows, you have to scrub the toilet floors and WC. You have not even talk about degreasing the kitchen stove, ovens etc. Yes you can definitely do all these task yourself but it will at the expense of spending quality time with you family or even using the time to unpack at your new house (which will be much more fun!).

Professional cleaning companies faced problems like the high cost of hiring cleaners and customers' expectations in terms quality of cleaning and willingness to pay a premium for it. Lets face it, hiring a cleaning company never be cheap, at most it will be reasonable for the quality of cleaning you get. Therefore it is important to research before engaging a professional cleaning company.

Experienced cleaners with add on services

Professional cleaning company will be able to provide additional services saving you the trouble from liaising with multiple vendors like curtain/carpet/mattress/sofa cleaning. The reputable ones will be able to clean almost everything you have in your household. This will lead to a stress free moving out experience for you.

Heavy cleaning may be cause some health issues due to inhaling of cleaning chemicals and dust. Therefore appointing a professional cleaning company can prevent this as well. As professional cleaning companies usually have customer satisfaction as their priority, they will make sure your house is ready for handover on time. In any case, if there is any hiccup, some professional cleaning companies will even provide complimentary touch up session if you encounter problems during handover.

If you are an environmentalist, most professional cleaning companies can provide environmental friendly cleaning products or even organic cleaning products alternative for a premium.  

Customer satisfaction 

Professional cleaning companies are transparent in their pricing and will inform customers any additional prices before commencing work. Cleaners are trained by the company to provide on site quote if you require additional services. At the end of cleaning session, the cleaner usually will walk through the entire house with the customer to make sure the house is ready for handover before leaving. Therefore the experience and quality of cleaning services will outweigh the fees and also the consequences of doing the cleaning yourself.

Art of Cleaning is one of the leaders in the Singapore carpet cleaning industry. We take pride in our work and strives to be the leading cleaning company in Singapore!

Monday, April 1, 2019


Cleaning Technique

  1. Clean from top down
  2. Apply water applicator onto glass surface ensuring that an entire section of glass panel is evenly and systematically covered down to just below hand reachable height. Do not clean the glass panel right to the bottom.
  3. Place squeegee at top of glass panel, blade flat onto glass surface with handle as close to the glass surface as possible.
  4. Pull squeegee down from the top to just below hand reachable height. Do not go beyond the area covered by water applicator.
  5. Move on to an adjacent lane and repeat drying action.
  6. Use water applicator on the lower portion of the glass panel.
  7. Place squeegee flat onto glass surface. Pull it horizontally across the glass panel, stopping about 2/3 of squeegee length before the other side.
  8. When necessary, dry the squeegee with a cloth after each pass.
  9. Move downwards and repeat until bottom of glass panel is reached, ensuring that each pass overlaps the previous one.
  10. Place squeegee at the top of glass panel, starting from the side. Make a 90 degree turn and pull the squeegee downwards all the way to the bottom.

Art of Cleaning is one of the leaders in the Singapore carpet cleaning industry. We take pride in our work and strives to be the leading cleaning company in Singapore!