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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Difference in Cleaning & Disinfecting Services (Tips on using disinfection)

 Difference in Cleaning & Disinfecting Services (Tips on using disinfectant)

There are many confusion regarding cleaning and disinfecting, consumers often mistook cleaning as disinfection. In actual fact, they are 2 separate steps.

CLEANING - Cleaning often involves using soap/detergent and water. This process does not kill germs but instead reduces the number of dirt, impurities and germs on the cleaned surface. This will lower the risk of the spread of any infections.

DISINFECTING - Disinfecting kills germs only without reducing impurities and dirt.

The recommended way is to clean the surface to remove impurities and dirt first before disinfecting your surface.

Tips on DIY disinfection:

  1. Refer to NEA's website for a list of household products effective against COVID-19 virus (
  2. Always follow the instruction label for safe & effective use
  3. One of the important step to note is to leave the product on the surface to dry naturally INSTEAD of wiping it off immediately to maximize the effectiveness
  4. Wear protective gear (gloves & goggles)
  5. Ensure the area is well ventilated (especially for users with asthma)
  6. Follow the recommended dilution and amount strictly
  7. If dilution is required, only use room temperature water
  8. It is not recommended to use more than 1 product for disinfection as mixing them may reduce the effectiveness
  9. Dispose any leftover diluted solutions after 24 hours as they will lose their effectiveness
  10. Keep all detergents/chemical/solutions out of reach of children
  11. Always wash your hands with soap before and after use of disinfectant

Simple DIY cleaning & disinfecting steps:
  1. Use a piece of clean cloth soak with detergent and water solution to wipe surfaces (especially on high touched area like, door knobs, handles, arm rests, light switches etc)
  2. Always start wiping with high areas to low areas
  3. Sweep and vacuum floor to remove dusts & impurities before mopping the floor from one end to another end
  4. Repeat step 1 to 3 with recommended disinfectant solution to complete disinfection
  5. Leave disinfectant to dry naturally in the ventilated area

If the above steps is too tedious or troublesome for you, you can always use professional disinfection specialist listed on NEA's website: or WhatsApp us directly at 87881788

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