Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Monday, September 9, 2019

TOP 3 INTERESTING CLEANING TRICKS! (bet you didn't think of it!)


(bet you didn't think of it!)

1) How do you prevent the dust from falling onto your sofa/mattress when cleaning ceiling fan?

Try using an old pillow/bolster case! Try 'wearing' your pillow case to a blade of the fan and swipe it one at a time. All the dust particles will fall into the pillow case. Now there's another reason to keep old pillow cases for hoggers! 

2) How to remove pet hairs from areas where your vacuum cleaner have failed you?

Your rubber gloves is more efficient than vacuum cleaner! Put on your rubber gloves and rub it against any surfaces with remaining pet hairs after vacuuming. The rubbing against fabric creates elasticity that will gather the pet hairs. Use running water to remove the hairs gathered from your rubber gloves at the last step.

3) Do you know your dishwasher can do more than just cleaning dishes?

Try cleaning the list of items below using the dish washer and you will be surprised!

a) makeup brushes
b) shower heads
c) refrigerator shelves
d) havannas, yeezy (I mean any sneakers) and caps!
e) contacts lens case
f) rubber/plastics toys (non-electronic)
g) Hair combs & brushes
h) metal/plastics garden tools

Now that's what I call realizing it to the fullest potential *lol*

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