Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Wednesday, January 9, 2019



How often should you clean your carpet? This depends on the traffic on your carpet.

Lightly soil - no shoes policy, enclosed office or home with no outsiders or pets

Medium soil - some visitors occasionally, with shoes on, pets

Heavy soil - public area like shopping mall, hotel or training center (where different trainees come daily)

  Vacuum Spot Treatment Professional Cleaning
Light soil 1 x weekly Immediate Every 12 months
Medium soil 3 x weekly Immediate Every 6 months
Heavy soil Daily Immediate Every 3 months

As a general rule of thumb, you should always treat your carpet stains asap to avoid further damage to your carpet. Click here on how to remove various stains from your carpet!

You should definitely vacuum your carpet as often as possible. The benefits of vacuuming regularly:

Helps remove unwanted particles and substances
Food particles, skin flakes, dust/dirt are the most common things to be found on your carpet. There will be more if you wear your shoes on your carpet. These particles can be deeply embedded into your carpet if left untouched and can damage your carpet further causing stains and odour. Dirty carpet can spread harmful viruses/germs/bacteria. Therefore it is the most basic step to keep your house safe.

Prolong your carpet's lifespan
Grime and dirt is very harmful to your carpet. They causes friction every time your carpet is moved and will result in premature damage to your carpet fibre over time. The structure of your carpet is damaged with each foot stepped onto your carpet. This will erode your carpet's life faster than expected.

Enhance the appearance of your carpet
If you want your house to be more welcoming and vibrant, you should vacuum your carpet regularly because clean carpets are plusher, brighter and most importantly, welcoming as compared to dirty carpet.

Leave the professional cleaning to the experts
Vacuuming is only good enough as a regular maintenance. Carpet requires a deep clean at least once a year. Use a professional carpet cleaning company to enhance your carpet and home! As the saying goes "leave it to the professional" 😉

Author: Tiffany GohArt of Cleaning Pte Ltd

Art of Cleaning is one of the leaders in the Singapore carpet cleaning industry. We take pride in our work and strives to be the leading cleaning company in Singapore!

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