Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Top 10 Professional Carpet Cleaning Secrets Revealed!

Top 10 Professional Carpet Cleaning Secrets Revealed!

1) Wax dripped on carpet? OH NO!

Candles are a must to create a relaxing ambiance in the house, however the night will ruined if the wax dripped onto your wife's favorite piece of rug. Try placing a white paper on the dried wax and iron it. Melt the wax and let it cool and stick onto your paper instead of the carpet. Remember to only use white paper/cloth for this as the heat from iron will cause color transfer. The wax should be removed after a few sessions. Keep the ironing to 40 seconds max in order not to damage the carpet.

2) Candy on carpet

Candy can be damaging to your carpet if left undone. It will stick on to dust and dirt easily. Try using a paint scrapper to scrap the candy and use mild detergent solution to wet the area and continue to extract the candy out. Blot the area to dry the carpet after removing the candy.

3) Shaving Cream is not only useful for hair removal!

Yes! Stop rubbing your eyes, shaving cream can be used for stain removal as well! Let shaving cream settle on the stain for 30 min before blotting it with a clean dry cloth. Follow by spraying diluted white vinegar solution (1:1) and using a white sponge to absorb it.

4) Blood?

Try the diluted vinegar solution spray method followed by applying hydrogen peroxide directly onto the blood stain. Do not be alarmed when u see chemical reaction producing foam. Blot the foam area with a clean white towel till dry.

5) Mama Lemon is the mother of all multipurpose detergent!

Nope we are not paid for this😏 as much as we wish we are. We all know the wide use of Mama Lemon, dish washing, window cleaning, surface cleaner etc. However Mama Lemon as a carpet stain remover? Yes it is highly effective against grease stains. Dilute it 1:4 and spray onto grease stains and blot the wet part. Repeat this step until you see the stain lighten and totally removed.

6) Pet waste

We all know no matter how highly trained your pets are, accidents are bound to happen. First remove the solids gently and spray Mama Lemon solution onto the stain. Blot the stain and repeat this step until it is fully cleared. If not please call for professional cleaning as animal waste has virus and bacteria which will be harmful to your family.

7) Removing chewing gum

Yucks! We all hate dried chewing gum on carpets. Sad to say there is no effective ways to remove it totally. However we recommend you to use ice to freeze the gum for about 30 seconds or until the gum turns hard and solid. Pull the frozen gum gently before cutting the carpet as close to the gum as possible. Try this method and hope that it will not be noticeable!

8) Club soda cleaning agent?

Unknown to many, it is effective to use club soda against red wine stains.  Use a cloth to together with club soda to blot on the red wine stain. If this do not fully clear the stain, try diluting white vinegar with water 1:1. Spray the solution and let it sit for 15 - 20 min before using a white sponge to absorb the stain. Repeat this method as many times as possible to fully remove the stain. Remember to rinse away the vinegar solution after the stain is removed.

9) Do not rub on stains, blog gently

Blotting uses pressure to effectively soak up stains. Rubbing will deepen the stain into the carpet fiber.

10) Deep clean your carpet regularly

Arrange deep cleaning for your carpet cleaner to keep your carpet clean and fresh. Steam cleaning, carpet shampoo is the only way to remove embedded dirt, dust or grease deposit on your carpet.

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