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Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Types of vinyl polishing methods

There are several professional methods used for vinyl floor polishing. Here are some common techniques:

  1. Spray Buffing: This method involves the use of a high-speed rotary machine equipped with a soft pad or brush. A special spray buffing solution is applied to the vinyl floor, and the machine is used to agitate the solution and remove scuff marks and light scratches. The process leaves behind a glossy finish.

  2. Burnishing: Burnishing is similar to spray buffing but uses a high-speed burnishing machine with a harder pad or brush. The burnishing machine generates heat and friction, which helps to melt and redistribute the floor's top layer, resulting in increased shine and a smoother appearance.

  3. Diamond Polishing: Diamond polishing is a more intensive method suitable for heavily worn or damaged vinyl floors. It involves the use of a floor machine with diamond-encrusted pads. These pads gradually remove the damaged surface layer, revealing a fresh layer with renewed shine. Diamond polishing can effectively restore the gloss and luster of vinyl floors.

  4. Stripping and Refinishing: This method is employed when the vinyl floor has multiple layers of wax buildup, deep scratches, or stubborn stains. It involves stripping off the old wax or finish using a commercial wax stripper, followed by thorough cleaning and rinsing. Afterward, a new layer of wax or finish is applied, providing a polished and protected surface.

  5. Spray Mopping: Spray mopping is a maintenance method used to keep vinyl floors clean and shiny. It involves using a specialized cleaning solution that is sprayed directly onto the floor, followed by mopping with a microfiber or sponge mop. This technique helps remove light dirt, dust, and smudges while leaving a polished appearance.

It's important to note that the specific method used may depend on the condition of the vinyl floor, the desired outcome, and the equipment and products available to the professional. Professional floor care companies often have expertise in assessing the floor's condition and selecting the most appropriate method for vinyl floor polishing.

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