Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Friday, March 19, 2021

Why engage us for post tenancy cleaning?

The challenges involved in moving out of a house or moving into a new place is already a very stressful situation for anyone. 

With busy work and family schedules, there is a way for you to not worry about post tenancy cleaning.

Art of Cleaning is here for you and for your family when you need to make sure that your former place is as spic and span as the day you moved in.

All of us agree that getting your leasing deposit back in full is important but it will only happen if your post tenancy cleaning is done by a team of professional and experienced cleaners.

With that said, leave the dirty work to us.

With Art of Cleaning, you are assured of great results that can only come from an 
effective, detailed and thorough cleaning system.

So why engage us as your post-tenancy cleaning service provider?


Timely Response to All Enquiries

Once you have found our contact information and put in your cleaning requirements, we will surely respond in a timely manner.

Not only are we going to send to you all the information that you need, but you will get friendly follow-up calls and messages to check if there you have received our quotations.

Our sales and customer service teams are made-up of experts who will answer all your questions in a friendly and professional manner.

Do you have additional services that you need to add?

No problem! Art of Cleaning will work with you to customize your post-tenancy cleaning package that will be fairly priced but includes a comprehensive job scope.


Automated, Efficient, and Clear Booking System

We have invested in the best CRM software so that your appointment is securely logged in an organized and transparent system.

You will get notices via email and SMS messages once your booking schedule is finalized.

We send out our invoices to you automatically once service is completed so you can easily check the necessary details.

For your future bookings, we can easily check if your address remains the same and if you still want the same items to be cleaned.

All in all, we make it a seamless experience for both of first-time customers and loyal clients.

In that aspect, we have an impressive portfolio of loyal clients from the residential sector and commercial or corporate industries.

Our customers range from F&B establishments, supermarkets, and healthcare centres.

We do not believe in over-complicating our booking system so all our customers are assured that every time we have a cleaning service with them, our Operations Team will show up with the right equipment and products to be used.

For post-tenancy cleaning, we will send a detailed job scope together with the quote, of how Art of Cleaning will aim to accomplish the cleaning process for every room in the property.


A Team of Cleaning Experts and Specialists

When we show up to your location, rest assured that all our cleaning technicians are properly trained on how to use top-of-the line cleaning machines and cleaning solutions.

We are an NEA licensed and certified company that only employs honest, reliable and hard-working individuals.

We have hundreds of positive reviews in our website to prove this.

However, we are never complacent so all jobs; from small cleaning tasks to big projects, all of them are always given the same level of service and standards. 

We are one of the trusted carpet cleaners in Singapore.

Our technicians are always ready to answer any question you may have about how we will help you clean your carpet.

Our repeat customers trust us that they also engage our services to clean not just their carpets but also their curtains, sofas, mattresses, chairs, and other upholstered furniture pieces.

Art of Cleaning has completed hundreds of post-tenancy house cleaning projects and we have worked closely with both tenants and agents to ensure that each job is executed and completed successfully.


Safe, Environmentally friendly Cleaning Solutions and Processes

If you choose Art of Cleaning, you are choosing a company that takes care of both its customers’ and employees’ well-being and safety.

Our Operations Team always uses the correct cleaning equipment and protective gear.

We use green cleaning solutions that do not leave harmful residue nor release toxic fumes that could harm you and your loved ones.

If required, you can inform us ahead of time to not use any alcohol-based cleaning products and disinfectants.

Do you have pets and young children who have done major damage to the fixtures, walls and flooring of your home?

We will use highly effective but earth-friendly products to treat stains and odours to the best that we can without damaging carpets and floor materials.

Art of Cleaning can also help you with additional services like deep-cleaning and degreasing of ovens, stovetops, and cooking hobs; all for reasonable prices.

From small apartments to sprawling multi-level mansions and office buildings, Art of Cleaning is your trusted partner of choice when it comes to professional, reliable, and trust-worthy post-tenancy cleaning services.

Contact us at, for a quote right now!

Call 67881788 or whatsapp 87881788 / 98860178!

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