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Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Monday, November 9, 2020

How to remove pet hair/fur from your house?


How to remove pet hair from your house?


Do you see tumbleweeds of fur/hair rolling across the room after you have finished vacuuming/cleaning your house? If your answer is yes to the above, we are here to help!

The first thing is to acknowledge that there is no fairy-tale solution that will make your house 100% fur/hair free =) However we will share with you tips from experienced pet owners and cleaning professionals on how to manage and reduce the problem.

 Areas that are most affected by pet hair/fur:

  • Carpet/rug
  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Upholstery (sofa, dining chairs, beanbags, mattress, pillows)
  • Clothing
  • Car

For a start, the best solution is to minimize the shedding from the pet first. Regular brushing and grooming will significantly reduce the shedding resulting in lesser fur/hair in your house!



Damp micro-fibre cloth can remove fur/hair from furniture relatively easily.

Rubber glove – this is the most recommended way. You just need to wear a pair of rubber gloves and rub it all over your furniture and watch the amount of fur/hair you have on your gloves!

Sponge – slightly damp sponge do the job just as damp micro-fibre cloth.

Use removable covers for your furniture like sofa so that you can wash them using washing machine weekly.

Velcro type lint brushes works better than other types for pet fur/hairs.



Hair roller – this is the most popular and common remedy for hairs on your dark colored suits!

Rubber glove – You just need to wear a pair of rubber gloves and rub it all over your clothes and watch the amount of fur/hair you have on your gloves!

Damp micro-fibre cloth can remove fur/hair from clothing relatively easily.

Tape – can be duct tape, scotch tape, or double-sided tape. Just wrap them around any stick and start rolling away. This is a convenient and cheap way!

The best way is to keep your clothing away from pets, you use garment covers to protect your expensive clothing immediately after wash and keep them away.



Flooring – find a house or install hard flooring like parquet, vinyl laminate or ceramic tiles.

Pet bedding – a bedding with removable/washable covers will save up a lot of time! If not, use a large washable blanket instead.

Frequent damp mopping instead of wet mopping can help! Try using Magiclean damp mopping sets as a guide.

Air purifier/filter – It is highly recommended to have a good air purifier/filter in your house if you have shedding problem. And do remember to change your filter regularly. This will not only keep the fur/hair away, it will also improve your indoor air quality.

Rubber broom – there are many pets hair removal broom in the market. We recommend the ones with rubber squeegee bristles with will effectively roll up fur/hair into balls making it easier for you to do vacuuming. If you are unable to find rubber broom, a rubber sole shoe can do just fine, especially on upholstery and carpet stairway.

Although this is not recommended but if you can live with the fur/hair but just want your house to be aesthetically neat and tidy, you can install flooring colors that matches your pet fur/hair! Choose light/yellow colors for golden retriever, etc =)

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