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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Is the N95 Mask an adequate protection against Haze?

Is the N95 Mask an adequate protection against Haze?

There are rumours of N95 mask being sold out at some retail stores today, rest assure that the National Environment Agency (NEA) has started to push out additional stocks of N95 mask to retail stores.

As many rush to buy the N95 mask for protection, how much do we really know about the effectiveness of this mask against the haze? 

4 important points of the N95 mask

  1. the mask must fit the wearer face
  2. wearer must breathe in through the filter (instead of from the sides when the mask is not a good fit)
  3. N95 is 95% efficient in filtering fine particles between the size of 0.1 to 0.3 microns (Haze contains that are 2.5 microns or smaller PM2.5)
  4. N95 can help you reduce exposure to PM2.5 but not fully eliminate the exposure

When do you need to wear a N95 mask?

According to NEA you will need to wear a N95 mask when:

  1. Air quality is in hazardous range (PSI>300)
  2. Outdoor for several hours
  3. Not necessary if commuting from home to school/work
  4. Not necessary if indoor (windows & doors closed)
  5. Consult doctor before wearing N95 for elderly, pregnant, or anyone with heart/lung problem

Can you reuse a N95 mask?

Yes! you can unless it is distorted in shape or soiled but DO NOT share the N95 mask with another person.

Lastly Art of Cleaning would like to wish everyone a healthy and safe week ahead!

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