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Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Friday, May 24, 2019



Very often, customers (especially post tenancy cleaning customers) ask professional cleaning companies to remove aged deeply embedded stains/scratches on their flooring (marble, granite, ceramic tiles, homogeneous tiles, etc) and expect the flooring to be shiny after the post tenancy cleaning. Customers need to understand that cleaning and polishing is not the same service.

For most post tenancy cleaning, it only covers vacuuming/sweeping of floor followed by mopping. This may be able to remove some light and recent stains but will not be able to remove stubborn, aged stains and scratches.

First of all, let us explain the difference between cleaning and polishing. Cleaning is removal of visible dirt/dust and light stains. Polishing is a restoration work which removes hard stains and restores the shine or material to near its original state. 

Example is a stain caused by soil left behind by dirty shoes and has dried up on the floor. Cleaning will be able to fully remove this soil stain. But if the soil stain has been around for a long time enough to cause a chemical reaction and causes the flooring to lose its shine, cleaning alone will not be able to restore the flooring shine. You will need a polishing session to restore the shine.

Another classic example in post tenancy cleaning is the dark stains caused by furniture placed on the flooring over a long period. Once the tenant remove the furniture, dark patches can be seen around the spots where the furniture were once placed. This stains is not caused by dirt, it is caused by discoloration/chemical reaction and normal cleaning/mopping will not be able to remove the stains. To restore and even out the aesthetic appearance of the flooring, polishing service is definitely required.

What is polishing?
A floor polishing machine is used to clean and restore floor conditions, It is also known as a floor polisher or burnisher if the rotation speed is faster than 1000rpm. The grinding effect will remove the top layer of flooring and expose a fresh shiny layer. This will be able to remove hard stains and even the floor uniformly. Once the top stained layer is removed, the fresh layer will looked whitish due to the grinding. This will require the polishing step. Polishing powder/solution is spread onto the floor before buffing/scrubbing with crystallization agent to enhance the gloss.

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