Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Monday, April 1, 2019


Cleaning Technique

  1. Clean from top down
  2. Apply water applicator onto glass surface ensuring that an entire section of glass panel is evenly and systematically covered down to just below hand reachable height. Do not clean the glass panel right to the bottom.
  3. Place squeegee at top of glass panel, blade flat onto glass surface with handle as close to the glass surface as possible.
  4. Pull squeegee down from the top to just below hand reachable height. Do not go beyond the area covered by water applicator.
  5. Move on to an adjacent lane and repeat drying action.
  6. Use water applicator on the lower portion of the glass panel.
  7. Place squeegee flat onto glass surface. Pull it horizontally across the glass panel, stopping about 2/3 of squeegee length before the other side.
  8. When necessary, dry the squeegee with a cloth after each pass.
  9. Move downwards and repeat until bottom of glass panel is reached, ensuring that each pass overlaps the previous one.
  10. Place squeegee at the top of glass panel, starting from the side. Make a 90 degree turn and pull the squeegee downwards all the way to the bottom.

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