Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Wednesday, December 12, 2018



1) The easiest and cheapest way is to start with Google

Look out for reputable cleaning companies and not free lancers. Free lancers may be cheap, but there's no guarantee of quality of the spring cleaning service. The last thing you want for your spring cleaning is to have to do it more than once due to unprofessional free lancers.

Read up reviews and ask for referrals from friends and family. Friends/relatives who are property agents usually have a few cleaning company contacts for their post tenancy cleaning. Do ask them for referrals and advice on which one is more suitable for you. Finally narrow down your search to 3-5 companies.

2) Ask for quotation from a few cleaning companies to get a feel of the market rate

Do not go for the cheapest company immediately after receiving the quote. Do ask for their detailed job scope and find out the difference between their quotes (other than prices)

3) Conduct an analysis of your own spring cleaning needs

Do you need cleaning equipment and supplies to be provided? Do you need specialized cleaning that require equipment like steam mopping, stubborn stain removal etc. Identify areas of concern and what you want the cleaners to focus on. These demand have to be communicated to the cleaning companies when requesting for quotes. However be realistic on the amount of work to be done over the period of time. Be prepared to add on hours (extra charges) if you request very detailed cleanings like interior of all your appliances (oven, microwave, fridge etc)

4) Breakdown your house/chores by area

Request the cleaning companies to provide detailed job scope by area of cleaning (toilet, kitchen, balcony etc). This will let you visualize the cleaning job to be done and what else do you need to add on to the existing list.

5) Ask for explanation of any other additional fees/charges

There may be hidden charges like transport, additional hours, weekend surcharges or even GST. Do check with the cleaning companies on this and have them to confirm their prices are nett.

6) Other cleaning services?

There may be other type of cleaning that you may be interested in but did not know the cleaning companies provide. During the request for quote, you can ask the sales representative what other services do customers usually request during spring cleaning. A good example is mattress, sofa or carpet cleaning. It is recommended to clean your sofa, mattress and carpet once a year during you house cleaning. Some customers even opt for disinfection service after the spring cleaning to make sure their house is free from bacteria and viruses!

7) Act fast!

Year end spring cleaning is the busiest period for cleaning companies. Corporate, residential and commercial customers all require spring cleaning at this period, so be sure to finalize a cleaning company that is reputable, able to fulfill your requirements and most imporatantly within your budget!

8) Enjoy the moment!

Lastly enjoy the moment! During the spring cleaning, let the professional cleaners do their job while you take a breather. Do remember to check their work before paying to make sure everything is up to your expectation. Most cleaning companies are willing to do a touch up session before leaving your house if you still have areas of concern after inspection.

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