Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Monday, October 8, 2018


Toilet bowl is the most frequently used part of your toilet. You will definitely use it more than once a day. Keeping your toilet clean is the basics of having a clean toilet.

Steps to thorough clean a toilet bowl

1) Choosing the correct cleaning solution
Choose a strong acid base detergent if you have hard water stains problem on your toilet bowl. HCL a.k.a hydrogen chloride is a very effective acid for removing water stains. It is important to wear gloves when handling acid based detergents. Do not use bleach if you have hard water stains problems as this will create 'rust stains' due to chemical reaction with the bleach.

If you do not have hard water stains problem, bleach is a great disinfectant for toilet bowl. It can cause irritation to skin and eyes, therefore please use gloves when using bleach to clean your toilet bowl. If you wish to be more eco-friendly you can try using vinegar or lemon but they may not be as effective as bleach.

2) Choosing a correct brush
Avoid choosing metal brush as they may scratch your toilet bowl. Plastic flexible bristles will be a much better choice. A good grip and contoured body will assist to clean the underside of the rim and deep into the bowl.

3) Empty the water to avoid dilution of your detergent
Turn the valve to the off position and flush to get rid of the balance water.

4) Pour cleaning solution
Apply the solution according to instruction/label on the bottle. If you are using bleach or eco-friendly home made detergent, be sure to let them sit on the surface for at least 20min (with the lid closed).

5) Cleaning the exterior
Be sure to thoroughly clean the exterior (base, handle, seat, lid, base & floor area due to spills) with a disinfectant like dettol etc.

6) Brushing the bowl
Use the plastic bristles to brush the bowl and underside of the rim thoroughly. Repeat this steps as needed to remove stubborn stains.

7) Frequency
There is no hard and fast rule. We recommend to clean your toilet bowl once every 3 days. You can brush your toilet bowl with just water and flush everyday to make your cleaning easier during the deep clean sessions.

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