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Tuesday, September 25, 2018



Every kitchen will have a fridge, and in some cases more than 1. A fridge's basic purpose is to keep your fresh food clean and safe until consumption. If you neglect the hygiene of your fridge, isn't it the same as consuming unclean food? This will cause bacteria and mold to grow in your fridge, which may easily spread to your food and to you after you have consumed it. A thorough cleaning of your fridge is recommended every 6 months and a simple cleaning is recommended every month.

Steps to thorough clean a fridge (every 6 months)

1) Emptying your fridge
Firstly clear out expired and unwanted leftovers in your fridge.  Wipe all containers with a vinegar solution followed by a clean wet cloth before leaving it outside the fridge to dry.

2) Remove shelving and drawers
Place these in a tub or deep sink and wash with warm water and white vinegar solution. Rinse with water and wipe dry with a clean cloth and leave it outside the fridge to air.

3) Cleaning the interior
Prepare a solution of baking soda and water (1:10). Avoid using detergent as it requires rinsing. If you can, use natural alkaline water which do not require rinsing and is chemical free. Alkaline water can neutralize acidic properties like dirt, dust, bacteria and mold. It is also a good stain remover. Use a clean white cloth and the baking soda solution to wipe down interior wall and door. You can follow this step with a rinsing of pure water solution (optional). 

4) Stain removal
If there are stubborn stains and spots, try using concentrated detergent to clean it. Bear in mind to rinse thoroughly on the treated area, if you do not want to risk the detergent contaminating your food in the fridge. You can try using white vinegar to soak the stain spots for 15min before scrubbing the spot again.

5) Gaskets
Be sure to thoroughly clean the gaskets as most dirt and mildew are caught here and left unnoticed.

6) Drying
Use a clean dry cloth to wipe dry the interior. Once the interior is clean and dry, replace the shelving and drawers and reorganize the food items.

7) Deodorize
Place a piece of raw charcoal in your fridge to deodorize and keep it odor free. Replace this charcoal once a month.(you can use a small cup of expired dry tea leaves as well) 

8) Repeat the above steps at least once every 6 months to ensure a fully functional and clean fridge

Steps to simple clean a fridge (every month)

1) Use a clean cloth with warm water to wipe the exposed areas and also clean spills. If you use detergent solution to clean the spills, be sure to rinse it.

2) Move items to sides to wipe off any spills, drips and debris.

3) Discard expired food, sauces and drinks.

4) Wipe the gaskets.

We hope you can effectively clean your fridge with the above steps and make an effort maintain it. Remember, 'CLEAN FRIDGE = HEALTHY FAMILY'.

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