Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Monday, March 11, 2019


Preparation of the Mopping Area
Set up necessary caution signs to alert other users of the area on wet mopping is conducted. Shift all unnecessary furniture/objects away. Remove other dust/dirt by vacuuming

Vacuuming / Dust mopping the entire area
Follow the vacuuming / dust mopping procedure to remove all unwanted objects from the mopping area.

Ready for wet mopping
Prevent over wetting your mop by wringing it. An overly wet mop will result in spreading the dirt on the area instead of sticking the dirt onto your mop. Commence your mopping in the corner furthest from the door. Split the mopping area into 4/6 areas and concentrate on one area before moving to the next. Mop from the areas furthest to nearest the door to prevent stepping on the mopped areas. Rinse your dirty mop in a clear water pail before dipping it in the detergent pail. Dirty solution will only move dirt from one area to another, it will not remove it from the floor. Ensure your detergent is diluted in the optimal ratio to maximize your mopping efficiency. Use floor blower/fan to reduce drying time for the area.

Clean Up
It is important to thoroughly clean your pails after using to prevent leftover water from previous mopping sessions to contaminate your current one. Leave the pails upside down to speed up thorough drying and also to prevent mosquito breeding.

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