Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Tuesday, August 21, 2018



Washing machine is one of the most neglected appliance in the household. We always think that washing machine is used to clean clothing, but in fact washing machine needs regular cleaning themselves. Failure to do so will result in molds, odor, bacteria and germs. This will affect the hygiene level of your clothing. So remember to clean your washing machine frequently!

Steps to clean a washing machine

1) Always start with the door seal and gasket
Use a white towel pre-soaked in white vinegar and wipe the gasket and door seal to loosen up any grease, mold or dirt and also to disinfect the area. A toothbrush will be effective in scrubbing away any dirt.

2) Use hot water cycle(baby clothes or bedsheets cycle) on an empty washing machine and run it. Try to choose the largest load and longest cycle (for top load washer, try adding some hot water to make the water temperature around 40-50°C. Fill the dispenser with baking sode (at least half cup) and white vinegar (around 500ml to 800ml). 

3) Leave the washing machine to self-clean the full cycle!

4) Run a second hot water cycle (can be shorter this time) to rinse off all residue from the first cycle and leave the door open to dry

5) Use a towel pre-soaked in vinegar and toothbrush as in step 1 to clean the dispenser, filter and other components that regularly comes into contact with water during washing

6) Do regular maintenance cleaning to prevent bacteria, mold, limescale and soap scum built up!

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