Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

5 Interesting Facts About Carpets!

5 Interesting Facts About Carpets!

  • Bed bugs can survive in fibers of carpets. They are extremely fast and can crawl more than 100 feet at night, to their sleeping victims to obtain a blood meal. The engorgement process can takes between three to 10 minutes.

  • It is believed that indoor air contains around twice as much dust as the outdoor air. On average, 2,000 dust mites can live happily on one ounce of carpet dust.

  • Smaller rugs are recommended as compared to wall-to-wall carpet because wall-to-wall carpets tend to be more permanent and harder-to-clean endpoints for moisture, chemicals, liquids, crumbs, and other spills that provide molds, mildew, yeasts, and bacteria (such as e-coli) with a rich and nearly continuous supply of nutrients.

  • Dust mites loves warm, humid environments, eats on dead skin cells and nest in unclean carpet. The residue from dust mites will become airborne and cause allergies.

  • When properly cleaned and maintained, carpets may improve the quality of air through trapping allergy-inducing dust and allergens. However, most people do not clean their carpets correctly, which in turn exacerbate allergies.


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