Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Singapore Carpet Cleaning

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Top 3 bacteria lurking in our carpet

Top 3 bacteria lurking in our carpet


Campylobacter is most commonly found in damp sofas, mattresses and carpets.  It can cause an illness infectious diarrhea, which can be dangerous to young children and old. Bacteria, like mold, thrives in moist environments, therefore houses that experienced flooding or leaking pipes may likely have a high level of Campylobacter in their carpets, mattresses and sofas.

Norovirus (Norwalk Virus)

Norovirus are able to survive 3 to 5 weeks on fabric fibers and can become airborne when agitated by movement. This virus causes the notorious gastric flu and other digestive illness.


Salmonella can cause food poisoning. In serious cases can cause typhoid fever which is fatal to the young and old. Salmonella is commonly linked to food but it is actually alarming to note that Salmonella is commonly found in household carpets. This is the reason why we should never eat food that falls on the floor.


It is highly recommended to clean or sanitize your carpet, mattress and sofas regularly due to the above bacteria. Art of Cleaning specializes in carpet cleaning. Our services include vacuuming of dirt and dust, elimination of odour and sanitization by killing germs and allergens. These services are done using shampoo, hotwater extraction or steam cleaning machines. Call 98860178 or email us at for a free quote now!

Art of Cleaning is one of the leaders in the Singapore carpet cleaning industry. We take pride in our work and strives to be the leading cleaning company in Singapore!

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